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Jack Quill & Ink

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Hello there!


If you've stumbled upon this website, I fear that I must warn you now before all hope is lost: the author may be quite mad.


If you are looking for an author website that is polished and refined, you may want to continue your web search elsewhere before you get sucked further down this rabbit hole. If, however, you don't mind a little whimsy and silliness and not much in the way of order, then by all means, grab some tea, have a seat, and read on...

Latest Blog Posts


Lost in Wonderland

May 4, 2024

Curl up with a fresh cup of your favorite coffee or tea while you read this tale. This blend of romance, classic literature, and whimsy will have you falling deep into the rabbit hole of this love story. 

Coming Soon!

When? I'm aiming for 2025

I'm working on a few stories right now, so the goal is to get one of them out by next year if I can. 

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